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Service for European Importers of Certified Organic Produce from South Pacific Countries

Food Link International Ltd. is supervising the whole process from the farmers field to the importers door and ensures a smooth and troublefree transaction. We mentor the grower as well as the importer throughout the entire process and will proactively lead them through critical stages and point out pitfalls. We will procure all the documentation necessary to verify the product as organic and forward them to the competent authority of your country respectively federal state. All documentation has to be complete and correct for the concerned European certification agency to verify. If you wish we can also conclude the export of the produce.


The European organic market is regulated by the EU Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 and the associated guidelines EU Regulation (EC) No 889/2008.

Basically every European company wishing to import organic produce made in a third country (= non-EU country) must join this certification scheme and apply for a marketing authorisation prior to importation.

However there are two alternative import procedures regulated in EU Regulation (EC) No 508/2012.

As New Zealand has joined the "list of recognized third countriesÓ most produce can now be imported on the basis of a certificate issued by the exporter«s control body.

Most South Pacific Islands depend on recognized control bodies based offshore. Dealing with others like, Tonga or Tuvalu you have to choose the more complicated marketing authorization procedure.

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